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1. Spread it Easily

Use the soft rake to spread it easily. A word of warning here is that when bringing in topsoil and or compost from elsewhere just be sure that it is weed free. Processed products via retail outlets have mostly gone through a curing process.

2. Do it in Spring

. It is good to do this early in the Spring ( or if water is very costly ) wait until the summer rains commence, in mid to late October.

3. Granular fertilizers

Granular fertilizers are just as good and in some instances much easier to apply. Any of the 2.3.2 or 3.2.3 or 5.1.5 will suffice in most lowveld gardens. Apply at a rate of 35 gms per sq m and if it is not raining, give water so that the granules dissolve completely.

lawn maintenance

When to apply? That is the critical question.

Most instant lawn varieties are very tough and can go for considerable periods without getting any form of food. As long as there is water it will keep on growing. There will come a time when the grass needs to be fed. Most domestic households don’t have access to granular Agricultural fertilizers and have adjusted to smaller containers of lawn feed from nurseries and outdoor retailers. At the onset of soil preparation, if compost was used, this releases food slowly and will last a full season. if you are wanting to give more compost then select the finer granule types and spread over the lawn.

 If you want to get your grass to present show quality then apply LAN at the same rate. This will bring out a really lovely leaf colour. Do not apply LAN and other frnular fertilizers at the same time. One or the other. LAN will not last as long as the other regular granular fertilizers. Identify the area needing to be fertilized and measure out the required weight of fertilizer into an empty container and then walk and hand spread the granules. Wash your hands afterwards. During late Autumn or early spring, for those with Kikuyu lawns, the grass can be scarified ( cut down vey low) and then a fairly heavy topdressing can be applied. If it is very hot then watering will be required. During very wet rainy seasons, the soil is drained of the food reseves more quickly and a second fertilizer application in March / April can be recommended.

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