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Soil Prep

Preparing the soil correctly on which to establish a new lawn, is critical. One needs to identify what soil type is present.

tips and advice

Planting Runners Tips and Guide

To prepare the soil for this one needs to identify where the grass needs to be planted, either to fill up patches in the existing lawn or to cover new ground.

Level the soil

Using a garden rake, level the soil as much as possible and then using any object, draw fairly deep furrows into the soil at intervals of about 10 cm.

Loosen the soil

Remove as many impediments as possible. Stones, sticks, roots, other grass etc.

Instant Lawn Tips and Guide

Unfortunately what happens, most cases, is that the person laying the sods down, tend to force them together to close any gaps and thus unfortunately shrinking the surface area of the grass because it is now being compacted and not just spread out.

1.1m x mm

Our grass sod measure
1,10 m long x 450mm wide

1.1m x mm

Two laid down next to each other will cover an area of
1.10 m x 900 mm = one sq/m


We encourage clients to add a 10% shrinkage factor into your area calculation


Keep the grass roots wet for at least the first
10 days or so.

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